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Canadian toll free number Canada

Cheap Canadian TOLL-FREE: 800 NUMBER Service in Canada: 
 Canada & US toll free calls, unlimited voicemail & virtual office PBX

Ottawa - Toronto - Vancouver - Victoria - Montreal - Calgary - Edmonton - Victoria - Halifax - St. John's - Winnipeg - Regina - Quebec City - Halifax, and every Canadian cities and provinces (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, etc.)


NACI TrueFlat Toll Free 800 number (or 888, 877, 866) services provide comprehensive, flexible Canadian or international service without your investment in any dedicated hardware or switched access. It makes it easy for customers to contact you via voice or fax anywhere across Canada and the United States. Toll Free services can be used as a powerful and efficient tool to generate new business and build customer loyalty. High stability and superior performance of this service are perfectly balanced with very low cost throughout our entire provisioning of the service. Set up your Canadian toll free number here. Your Canadian toll free number also works in the United States.

We understand the importance of a reliable toll free service for Canadian business, as this is often how customers reach you to place orders, obtain customer support, complete transactions, respond to advertising, and so on. In fact, reliable service is cited as the number one criteria for choosing a Toll Free service provider. As a Canadian-owned company based in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, NACI Toll Free Service consultants will work with you to tailor our feature-rich Toll Free service to deliver the perfect solution. Our service has been widely-used by Canadian companies to expand sales into our southern neighbor and Europe by presenting a strong image of multi-national enterprises.

There are 4 service plans (A, B, C, D) to serve our Canadian clients. If you need special assistance about any calling plan, please contact our consultants by phone, voicemail or email. 

If you are looking for ... Plan 
800 number ringing to ONE phone number in Canada and US, or forwarding to any other country A
800 number ringing to multiple phone numbers in Canada and US, or in different countries B
800 number for voicemail only with large volume of calls C
800 number for voicemail only with small volume of calls A
800 number in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain and other countries D

Vanity Number, Choice Number

Get the Canadian toll free numbers in form of name-branded combination of letters to impress your customers and friends, such as 1-800-RENT-CAR or 1-888-LA-HOTEL. We help you look up these vanity numbers or the choice number you desire. Our overseas toll free numbers work in England, Australia and other major industrialized countries and Mexico. 

800 prefix number for $5 setup fee and $5 monthly

Toll-free numbers with "800" prefix are the most conventional toll free numbers. At the time when "800" numbers ran out a few years ago, "888" numbers started to use. Today as you likely know, both the USA and Canada have almost run out of toll free numbers with "800" prefix, and toll free numbers with "888" prefix are also more difficult to acquire. Many toll free services providers are offering "877" and "866" numbers. We still have a limited quantity of 800 numbers and large pool of 888 numbers. When you sign up with our service, we'll try our best to obtain an 800 number for you. We guarantee we'll get you an 888 number. Our efforts to get you an 800 or 888 prefix are priced as this: 
$5 setup fee and $5 monthly to get
800 number for Plan A and B (See below chart), $25 for guaranteed 800 number for Plan C (See below chart). 

Call Hunting Feature -- Have your toll free number ringing to different numbers that can get hold of you.

1-800 Follow Me
1-800 Office  
CallMe 0800

Virtual PBX

Unlimited Voicemail

Canada & US toll-free number forwarded to any phone in any country. Change your ring-to number in real time. Get free Voicemail for 30 days, then just $4.95/month  Canada & US toll-free number forwarded to any phone in any country.  Auto-attendant Virtual PBX system with unlimited free extensions plus voicemail. Free trial for 30 days! Canada & US toll free number with 10 free extensions  messages-taking and toll free fax line. No busy signal. 5-minute-long in-n'-out messages. Cover Canada, Alaska, Hawaii at no extra fee Toll free number in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, France routed to US, Canada or any other country. 48 hours fast setup and low forwarding rates.
One number to strengthen family and business relations in any country.  Unified office appearance by virtual switchboard & dynamic operator. Enhanced business image at minimum cost. A  time-saver & cost-cutter. Expand your market to Europe, Mexico and Asian-Pacific rim.  
Billed at 6 second increment with 6.5 cents flat rate for domestic & very low international rates. $2 setup fee ($5 for 800-prefix), No cancellation fee.
Monthly fee $2 ($5 for 800-prefix) with 1-month free. 
Billed at 6 second increment with 6.5 cents flat rate for domestic & very low international rates. $2 setup fee ($5 for 800-prefix), No cancellation fee.
Service packages starts at monthly fee $9.99.
No numeric limit on messages in voicemail box. Caller ID with time stamp. Low $34.95 monthly fee covers all. No per-minute charge. No fee to cancel. Low international rates. Example: Calls to a toll free number in Italy can ring to UK or Canada. No cancellation fee. Monthly fee at $10. Setup fee $20.
Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone or Email. Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone. Music-on-hold. More than 20 features for "Big Company" feel. Free to retrieve message by phone or on Web. Free call alert by phone or Email. Monitor call details in real time, update ring-to number online or by phone or Email.
Vanity number at $15 setup and $15 monthlyr Vanity number at $15 setup and $15 monthly Free random toll-free number. $25 for guaranteed 800-prefix number. Free random toll-free number. No vanity number
No minimum usage No minimum usage No cap on usage No minimum usage
Full Story Full Story Full Story Full Story

We earn the right to serve you everyday, by providing superior service. You can cancel the service without any penalty if we don't meet your expectations. There are no contracts or long term commitments. We reward for referring new clients ( or yourself).

Service cover entire country of Canada. Existing users are from major cities include Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City, Regina, Victoria, Winnipeg, Halifax in 13 Canadian provinces and territories including British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia.

Canadian customers can subscribe the service with credit card or prepayment/deposit.  If you choose prepayment/deposit, you can conveniently visit any Royal Bank branch to make deposit to our Royal Bank account to have your account quickly activated. 

Proudly Canadian!



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Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me 
Plan B: 1-800 Office
Plan C: TeleCenter
Plan D: CallMe 0800
Call Hunting Feature
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We support vanity number!



The toll-free number belongs to you!

The moment you sign up for a toll free number through NACI, and it begins to work properly, the number belongs to you.  At any point (when your account is active), you may have the option to cancel your account, or port your number to a different provider.  The only instance in which this would not apply is the following:

1) The account is never activated;
2) The number never connects;
3) Your account is under a "Collection" status due to unpaid charges;
4) You cancel your account BEFORE porting your number to a different provider.
























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