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Here's what a few of our clients are saying about our telecom services. 

"My telephone bills between my three offices in Atlanta, Toronto and London regularly go over $800 per month!  With bestcallback I now make the same amount of calls but save over $350 per month!  bestcallback is a must-have phone service if you're in international business as I am." -- Chris Washborn, Atlanta, USA.

"Your international callback services saved at least $300 a month on the company's international calls in 2002 and more in 2003.  I cannot afford not using callback!" -- Cathy Wang, Marketing Director, Trilight Travel (International) Ltd., Shanghai, China.

"I thought, I have to tell you once I抦 back in US. I think I saved more than $300.00 on my trip. You won't believe what the hotel charges for a phone call.  I was smiling each time I made a phone call.  I spent a lot more time on the phone instead of the regular one or two sentence update.  I would definitely use your service on my next trip." -- Dennis McKay, Los Angeles, USA.

"Just a note to let you know that you provide an excellent product at a very competitive price.  I have used other callback providers and I rank yours as No 1 in reliability, line quality, backup support and price." -- Anthony Davis, London, UK

"Thank you. I want to tell you that now it is very comfortably to phone with and the trigger via internet is a great pleasure..."  -- Gerhard Wisnewski, Journalist Filmautor, Deutschland

"My husband and I recently moved to Brazil for his job.  I like phoning my friends in the U.S. and Canada.  Well, I couldn't believe how much more expensive it is to call from here.  My first two months phone bill were over $300! I started looking through and seeking alternative phone service. From Google search, I found and decided to become a customer.  A month later, my international bill has dropped to $80!  Could've knocked me over with a feather!" -- Jane Edwards, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"The service is GREAT! Even the forward from my US cell phone to the 800 number works very well, and fast!"  -- Jeremy Lewis, Chicago

"Never thought this was possible.  Since I make international calls regularly, I really enjoy making overseas calls from my mobile phone.  Thanks for the huge savings and the great innovative service." -- Eric Chen, Toronto, Canada

"Many thanks for taking care of this.  You guys are magnificent.  Best service I have received from anywhere." -- Vince Fernando, Arizona, USA

"...thank your for your fine service.  We have reduced expenses on our 800 number by 40%." -- Bruce W. Patrick, Springfield, Illinois, USA

"Your service has been a major relief on our finances.  We are now able to call our children in Germany more frequently because your rates are so low.  Thank you." -- Tom Willington, Plymouth, UK

"Can't believe the rates.  Making a call to Egypt from my cell used to cost me twice as much as with callback.  VERY glad to have found you online." -- Panya Gadaire, New Jersey, USA

"Good all round service.  Call quality good and I am offshore on a Microwave link.  International is almost as good as talking to Bangkok where our base number is located.  The service has been very useful when traveling and has allowed me to keep in touch at a very reasonable charge."  -- George Duncan, Australia 

"So far so good!!  I've only used this service for the past month, but I've not had any problems with it whatsoever.  Blessings!" -- Lee Mobley, US Marine in Japan




Customers rank us 
as No. 1 in reliability, 
line quality, backup 
support and price.

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