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Unlimited toll free service US Canada

  Unlimited* inbound US & Canada toll free voicemail (PLAN C)

  Great for voicemail message taking or information broadcasting through 
  voicemail with 10 free extensions & 16 service features 


Only US$34.95/month Flat Fee on unlimited voicemails!

If you DON'T have many calls and $34.95 is a little bit more than your budget, Plan A (1-800-follow-me) is an alternative for you. You can force 1-800-follow-me calls to go to the voicemail box only. The rate is only 4.5 cents/min and voicemail box is just $4.95 a month.

Everyone in every country can use this service! This service reaches every caller living at every corner in USA and Canada! It' great for users who have large volume of calls. 

Getting a dedicated toll free number, TeleCenter toll free plan will put you in control of your communications, increase your sales and save you time and money, GUARANTEED! TeleCenter has everything you need to manage your calls, messages and information. It also works for personal connection with family and friends. This is Unlimited Toll Free Voicemail -- TeleCenter, one of our best sellers! 

Our toll free number is accessible in both United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico at NO extra charge) and Canada (at No extra charge). 

Save time by talking to the callers you want to talk to.  Your TeleCenter announces the callers name and gives you the choice on whether to take the call (7.9 cents/min) or send the caller to voicemail (totally free). You can even set voicemail as default so every call (unlimited toll free calls) goes to your voicemail to listen to your greeting messages. Calls are NOT counted or metered when calls are sent to voicemail box. You'll save huge amounts of time by sending "time wasters" to voicemail. Yes, it is unlimited* toll free voicemail message taking and information-broadcasting. But it is also very cheap! All of these unlimited number of toll free calls are only US$34.95/month! 

Business users outside US and Canada still can obtain a TeleCenter toll free number to have your North American customers reach you for free, and you can retrieve voicemail messages and fax online for free. 

*Unlimited usage is up to 5,000 minutes/month max. to prevent abusive use. 

For more service questions, please do visit our FAQ page here

Demo Systems

Five demo systems that have been set up to enable you to better understand how TeleCenter can be used for your business. You may browse through the Examples below to read the scenario and scripts. We also invite you to dial the specific TeleCenter system numbers listed for each Demo so you will be able to hear the demo systems over the phone and experience the call flow and high audio quality of the system. Click on each number.
1-800-704-1309;1-800-704-1314;1-800-704-3512; 1-800-704-8543;1-800-704-8546

   With TeleCenter You Get:

  • An stand-alone toll free number that takes all of your inbound voicemail messages and faxes on multiple extensions. No limit on voicemail messages to multiple extensions. Unmetered call quantity (up to 5,000 minutes/month to avoid abusive use). Callers can leave messages up to 5 minutes. Save messages to 30 days.
  • A presentation on demand system that will enable you to provide your callers with information about your company and products 24/7. Your outgoing broadcasting messages can be as long as 5 minutes.
  • A central mailbox for email, voicemail and fax messages. No charge for incoming faxes, either.
  • Immediate notification via pager, phone, or email when you receive a new message.
  • No charge to check messages over any phone or via Internet (especially great for users outside US and Canada). You will also get alert over email and click your email link to listen to the messages immediately. See a sample of email alert.
  • TeleCenter is perfect for people who only want a voicemail box without the hassle of answering calls live.
          And so Much More!  Don't forget to check 22 cool features of this service.
          Now when you order 2 or more Telecenter toll free numbers, we'll give you $15 cash rebate for
          any new number you create it. Also get $15 for every new customer you introduce to us.   


WHY YOU NEED TeleCenter   ( Please take a look at Example UsageCase Study)


Never Miss an Important Phone Call Again

When you receive a call, your TeleCenter contacts you at the various numbers you have programmed into your system and announces the caller’s name giving you the choice on whether to take the call or send the caller to voicemail. TeleCenter eliminates the need for your contacts to make unnecessary calls to multiple numbers, and allows you to take your important calls no matter where you are. Being available to your customers is better customer service and can mean the difference between making or losing a sale.

Increase Your Sales By Providing Information About Your Company & Products 24/7

With TeleCenter you can set up multiple recordings with audio infomercials on your products, services, or any other information you want callers to listen to. For example: “For more information about our company press 1; To learn more about our products press 2; To discover how you can become an affiliate press 3.” Providing callers recorded message information on your company and products will save you time and money and ensure that the correct information is being disseminated to your prospects and clients at all times even when you’re not available to take the call. You can record the message as long as you want and when a caller calls for information, there is no charge to broadcast these messages. If you wish a caller's call to be routed to your real phone number by extension, for example, if a caller press 2 for technical support and you wish a representative to answer the call, it is 7.9 cents/min as this is treated as outbound call. 

Save Time By Talking to the Callers You Want to Talk To

Your TeleCenter announces the callers name and gives you the choice on whether to take the call or send the caller to voicemail. You’ll save huge amounts of time by sending “time wasters” to voicemail. Callers hear no busy signal at any time. 

Never Change Your Phone Number Again

How many times have you had to change your business card, signs, letterhead and promotional material because the phone company changed your area code? How much did this end up costing you in time and money? Your Toll Free TeleCenter number will never change!

Only One Number to Remember & Provide

Think about it! A business card with one number that can reach you anywhere, anytime. It's that simple.

All Of Your Messages In One Spot

TeleCenter brings together all of your messages - email, voicemail and faxes - in one place. And you can check all of your messages online or from any phone. How much time do you spend every day checking multiple voicemail and email accounts?

Instant Notification of New Messages

TeleCenter can alert you via email (see demo alert), pager or telephone whenever you receive a new message so you can get back to your important prospects and clients right away. Caller's number is detected and announced with time stamp.

Portray a Professional Image

With a Toll Free number your customers will perceive your business being more solid, well established and successful even if you’re working from home. TeleCenter’s automated voice system adds to that image of a substantial business.

Protect Your Privacy

TeleCenter protects your home, office, cellular and other personal contact information. The only number you will ever have to give to your contacts is your Toll Free TeleCenter number and it comes equipped with numerous call blocking features to help you manage your calls and deter harassing callers.

Save Money By Canceling the Services TeleCenter Replaces

Consolidating into a one number solution removes the need for traditional answering services, voicemail boxes, multiple cellular phones, and dedicated phone lines for fax or answering machines. Typically most phone companies charge about $20.00 a month for a stand alone fax line. TeleCenter will save you over $200 a year by enabling you to cancel your dedicated fax line!

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