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Unlimited toll free service US Canada

Plan C TeleCenter Voicemail
Low monthly fee for unlimited (up to 5,000 minutes) inbound voicemail, fax, and mailbox

Say goodbye to per minute rates forever! Unlimited inbound voicemail - up to 5,000 minutes - for one low monthly bill. Our new TeleCenter™ program is just $34.95 per month with a $15.00 One-Time Activation Fee. That’s it! There’s no fine print, no surprises, and no hidden costs. 

For this low monthly fee, have your customers call you as many times as they want - your inbound calls are UNLIMITED and you’ll never have to worry about per minute charges or extra fees again! For example, you can have customers listen to your promotional service plans by dialing a toll free number. You can have 1000 customers call in at the same time without busy signals. You can store up to 5,000 messages to your voicemail boxes for 30 days. You also have ALL-IN-ONE package with 22 cool features such as free voicemail, fax mail, caller ID with time stamp, voice broadcast, call block, etc. You can also dial outbound for ConnectLive to call them back as if using a calling card at just 6.9 cents per minute. 

If you DON'T have many calls and $34.95 is a little bit more than your budget, Plan A (1-800-follow-me) is an alternative for you. You can force 1-800-follow-me calls to go to the voicemail box only. The rate is only 4.5 cents/min and voicemail box is just $4.95 a month.

This service is accessible to all 50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada. Many Canadian customers from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and other cities in Canada find it very useful to promote their business in the United States. Overseas subscribers (e.g. an Australian company) can establish a toll free number to reach North American customers.  TeleCenter can extend your business's reach and enhance customer service at a minimum cost.  

Find out more about TeleCenter Voicemail Service . . . 

Free trial for 7 days!
Five demo systems that have been set up to enable you to better understand how TeleCenter can be used for your business. You may browse through the Examples below to read the scenario and scripts. We also invite you to dial the specific TeleCenter system numbers listed for each Demo so you will be able to hear the demo systems over the phone and experience the call flow and high audio quality of the system.
Click on each number for analysis of scenarios.
1-800-704-1309     1-800-704-1314     1-800-704-3512
1-800-704-8543     1-800-704-8546

You will go through a brief setup process to get your own personal TeleCenter number. Use it FREE for 7 days! If you like it, simply keep the number! There are no contracts ever and no obligations or fees during this 7 day trial! If you choose to keep the number you will be charged a low monthly rate; there is no contract or term. Use it for as long as you need it and cancel when you no longer do.

To take a Test Drive you will do the following:

  • Provide your name, phone #, mailing address and e-mail address.
  • Next, we collect your billing and payment information but DO NOT charge your card at this time. We simply need the credit card number to validate that it is a valid card. NO Charges will be made at this time.
  • We will provide you with an actual TeleCenter number and 100 included outbound minutes for you to use for 7 days so you can test out the system. (Outbound minutes over the 100 included minutes will be billable)
  • If you keep your number we will charge your Credit Card a one time $15 Setup fee and the first month’s fee of $34.95 (also your one time $25 fee if you chose an ‘800’ prefix over a default ‘866’, ‘877’ or ‘888’ prefix).

If you don’t find that TeleCenter is what you are looking for, simply call our Customer Service department and Cancel at any time before the 7 days are up. If you have used over 100 minutes of outbound dialing during the Test Drive you will be responsible for the per minute charges of the minutes over 100.  

Once the 7 day trial is over your card will be billed on a monthly basis.

 Find out more about TeleCenter Voicemail Service . . . 


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