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  Virtual PBX system for professional service company
  Telecenter (
PLAN C) Demo System 5

Demo Line: 1-800-704-8546

The following scenario can apply to any type of Professional Service Company including Medical Professions, Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Business Brokers and more.

Scenario – Five Star Dental

Dr. Gerry Smith is a licensed Dentist with his own practice. At this time his practice is small and he only has one employee (his wife Diane) helping him. In order to be more productive, present a bigger image and lessen the work load on his wife, he uses TeleCenter to manage all incoming calls. He provides options for scheduling, billing, and emergency service. Even though all of his extensions go to his wife’s phone line it gives the impression of a much larger and well managed practice.

Dial 1-800-704-8546 to listen to how TeleCenter works for Five Star Dental.

Script – Five Star Dental

Main Greeting: “You have reached Five Star Dental, the Dental Practice of Dr. Gerry Smith. If you are a new patient wanting to schedule a Free No Obligation appointment press 1. If you are an existing patient wanting to schedule a new appointment or reschedule an existing appointment press 2. For questions related to billing or invoices from your insurance carrier please press 3. For our hours of operation or for directions to the office please press 4. To hear the list of insurance we accept press 5. To hear Dr. Smith’s tips on brushing and flossing press 6. For all other calls please press 0 at any time to speak with an Operator. Thank you again for calling Five Star Dental, choose your extension now and have a great day!”

After Hours Greeting (plays after 5 PM): “You have reached Five Star Dental, the Dental Practice of Dr. Gerry Smith. Unfortunately our office is now closed. If you have a Dental Emergency and need to contact Dr. Smith immediately please press 911 at this time on your keypad and we will locate Dr. Smith for you. If you have another need at this time you may choose from one of the following. Press 1 to leave a message for our New Patient scheduling department, 2 if you are an existing patient wishing to schedule or re-schedule an appointment, 3 if you have billing or invoice questions, 4 for Directions to the office and hours of operation, 5 for a list of insurances we accept and press 6 for Dr. Gerry Smith’s Tips on brushing and flossing.”

Extension 0 – Operator: This extension rings directly to Diane’s line in the office

Extension 1 – New Patient Scheduling: This extension rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 2 – Existing Patient Scheduling: This extension also rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 3 – Billing: This extension also rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 4 – Directions and hours: This is a Greeting Only extension that provides hours of operation and office directions.

Extension 5 – List of accepted Insurances: This is a Greeting Only extension and provides a list of Insurances accepted by Dr. Gerry Smith’s office.

Extension 6 – Tips for Brushing & Flossing: Dr. Smith has 5 tips he always shares with his clients for maintaining clean and healthy teeth. He has recorded these tips for his patients to access 24/7 via this Greeting Only extension.

Emergency Service Extension 911: This extension is set to ring instantly to the Home & Cell phone of Dr. Gerry Smith.



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