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  Fax on Demand in toll free virtual PBX system with extensions
  Telecenter (
PLAN C) Demo System 2

Demo Line: 1-800-704-1314 with Fax-On-Demand extension

Scenario – Brian Jones, Jones Wealth Management (Financial Planner)

Brian Jones is a Certified Financial Planner who works from an office in his home and on the road when visiting clients. His business does not yet justify him establishing a dedicated office; however, he certainly does not want his kids picking up when customers call! He wants to give the impression of a much larger and well established Financial Consulting Firm.

Brian uses TeleCenter to present a larger business image by allowing callers to choose from multiple departments when calling his company. Even though he personally handles all calls coming in to each extension, his existing and potential clients are given the impression that they are dealing with a larger company and not a one man operation.

Brian had a professional Female Voice Talent record his main greetings to add to the professionalism.

Dial 1-800-704-1314 to listen to how TeleCenter works for Brian Jones.

Script – Brian Jones, Jones Wealth Management (Financial Planner)

Main Greeting: “Thank you for calling Jones Wealth Management. If you know the extension number you are calling for enter it now. So that we may assist you according to your personal needs please identify your reason for calling by choosing from one of the following options. If you know the name of the Certified Financial Planner you are calling for please press 411 and, when prompted, enter at least 4 letters of the person’s last name. If you are a New Client and would like to schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Consultation please press the extension number that corresponds with the area of Financial Planning you are interested in. For Asset Management press 101, Tax Planning press 102, Investment Portfolios press 103 and for Retirement Planning press 104.

If you would like to receive Brian’s latest report on Investment Trends by e-mail please press 301 and leave your contact information when prompted. You may also receive the Report delivered directly to your fax machine by pressing 900. We appreciate your interest in Brian’s work, have a great day!”

Extension 411: The only person’s name who is actually entered into the system is Brian Jones. All existing clients will be entering his name and have the ability to connect to his personal extension. However, the Dial By Name features makes it seem as if there are additional CFP’s (Certified Financial Planners) in the office.

Extension 10 – Brian’s Personal Extension: Brian routinely schedules appointments with his clients. Giving them a direct extension to dial in order to reach him gives them a feeling of priority.

Extension 101 – Asset Management: Brian answers this extension. Extension 102 – Tax Planning: Brian answers this extension. Extension 103 – Investment Portfolios: Brian answers this extension. Extension 104 – Retirement Planning: Brian answers this extension.

Extension 301 – Investment Trends Report request: Brian utilizes a ‘Message Taking’ Extension here in order to gather the necessary information to add a client to his e-mail and direct mailing list.

Extension 301 says - “Thank you for your interest in receiving Brian Jones’s Investment Trends Report. Please leave your name and your e-mail address following the prompt. Be sure to spell out your e-mail address twice. If you would like to be added to our mailing list make sure you also leave your complete mailing address and phone number. Please be assured that any information left here will be used solely for the purpose of communication from Brian Jones and your information will not be sold or made public. You should expect to see the Investment Trends Report in your e-mail inbox within two business days. Thank you for your interest!”

Extension 900 – Fax-On-Demand: Setting this extension up as a Fax-On-Demand extension allows Brian the ability to deliver his reports to potential and existing clients automatically. A caller can dial this extension and will be prompted to provide a fax number. The caller then hangs up. In the meantime TeleCenter will dial the fax number the caller provided and deliver the document stored on this extension.

Brian can also dial into this extension himself while he is on the road and enter a client’s fax number to have TeleCenter send the Report automatically by fax! Brian doesn’t even need to be near a fax machine.



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