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US military phone service

Toll Free Service forwarding US Calls to Overseas Military Bases & 
Callback Service to Call from US Bases back to USA

NACI is also dedicated to provide high-quality toll free service and callback service to U.S. service personnel in US Army, US Navy, US Marine and US Air Force worldwide and NATO organizations for their family connection in homeland. We serve two calling programs -- international toll free and international callback. 

SERVICE 1: International Toll Free Service

We help you set up a U.S. toll free number that rings to your phone number in any base. This will allow your important others to call you at very low rates. You can also update your forwarding number at any time in real time by accessing to our Customer Management Center. Whenever your phone number is changed, you can also be reached. This is called "1-800-Follow-Me." Please refer to 1-800-Follow-Me page to know more about this service. There is no minimum to spend. Monthly fee is only $2 and it is waived for the first month. Below are sample rates calling toll free from US to overseas bases.

South Korea (Seoul): 5 cents Germany 6.5 cents Japan Tokyo Military 6.5 cents Turkey 15.8 cents
Belgium 7.5 cent Italy: 6.5 cent Kuwait 18 cents

Detailed rates please go to international rates table.


SERVICE 2: International Callback Service

International callback allows US service personnel to call back home at low international rates provided by our US long distance service. It is CHEAPER than phone card, and there is no prepayment. No setup fee. Monthly fee is $4 which is waived when spending more than $20. Online call details and billing details. Change callback number in real time via Internet. Please visit callback service page to know service features in detail. 

Callback Rates from the following countries to USA.

from country ? minute
Italy  8 cents
Spain 9 cents
Germany 8 cents
Japan military 8 cents
South Korea 6.5 cents
Kuwait 16.5 cents
Turkey 17.3 cents

To find the rates to call from those above countries to any other country in the world, please go to the complete rate table.

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