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International Travelers Use Our Callback Service

Our callback service is available in every part of the world. Since we are a US based telecom provider, our rates, quality of lines and customer service is one of the best in the industry. Experience the same low US rates, high quality connection and excellent customer service that you are used to. Why settle for less when you can make a phone call from any part of the world as though you are making from your home phone?

If you are not quite familiar about how "International callback service" is defined and managed, please see "What is callback" by clicking here

>> Learn details of features and benefits of our super low rate callback service to make cheap international calls.

Make calls from hotel room: With our customized routing feature you can make calls from your hotel room and save over 70%. Talk to your family and friends at any time at the comfort of your hotel room.

Low US rates anywhere in the world. Our rates is the best in the industry. Lower than the local phone company, phone card or the hotel. Spend more time talking to your loved ones and friends.

Quality connection: Our network uses quality US carriers to terminate the calls. US carriers quality is second to none.
The quality is ensured by our quality assurance team that test all of our lines on a continuous basis. Share your travel experience with your friends with the same quality as your home phone

Fair, accurate billing: Our billing is very accurate that we post each calls on the internet in real-time. You can see for your self how much each call lasted, cost and other call details. Only billed for calls that are connected at 30 secs minimum and 6 seconds increment.

Excellent customer service
All of our customer service is done within minutes of your call. If your request is by email, we guarantee an answer within 1 business day.

Change callback number online: As you travel from one place to another, you can program your new number online or through the telephone any time at your convenience

Credit card charge: You can set any amount you want on your account. So you don't have to worry about running out of balance on your account.

Online account management: Spend more time on your travel and less time managing your account. Manage your account at any time at your convenience

No long-term commitments/Cancel anytime
We will earn your business everyday by providing superior service. You can cancel the service without any penalty if you don't like our service.

Fast activation: Sign-up now and have all your account very shortly. You would be able to make calls within 24-hrs. Spend more time planning your trip.

Reliable US Telecom: Leave all your worries about your calling needs to us and spend more time on your travel. Have a nice trip.

For details about service features and how it works, visit our service introduction page by clicking here.

To sign up for our services, just submit the completed application using our Secure Server (SSL) or fax it to 1-419-844-3210. In just a few hours we will provide you with a convenient service that will save you big when calling from anywhere to anywhere.


international callback service

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Callback Is Easy!

Using callback service, people 
living outside USA can use US 
low-priced long distance service
 to save international toll charges!




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