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Mission Statement

Enabling you to stay up-to-date with the best telecommunication strategies in the 21st Century.

Our success is driven by our efficient multi-language customer service and very competitive rates. 
We strive to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers and business partners, 
characterized by honesty, mutual trust and personal service.

BestCallback.Net is an international telecommunications marketing and consulting company that provides international long distance phone services around the world at significant discounts.  We help you control your telephone costs and bypass the high rates charged by local/national telephone monopolies (PTT's).  Our services include international callback, dial-around, US local numbers, and toll-free products.  We have served over 12,500 clients in over 280 countries since 1997.

BestCallback.Net is owned by North America Commerce International Co., a multi-national business consulting company based in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. NACI was formed initially as an Internet service company in Toronto, Canada in 1997.  The company's flagship products include US, Canadian and international toll free and callback phone services.  Our clients include individual customers - travelers, international students, military service personnel, and any one in need of reaching family or business contacts around the world.

Toronto Technology Headquarters.

We also assist non-profit organizations such as the Peace Corps and government agencies.  The foreign embassies in Beijing consulted our company to choose saving solutions that help to reduce their international telecommunication costs.  Multi-national corporate users have found their annual costs for long distance, including phone calls and faxes, to be significantly reduced by using our services.  Many new users are small businesses, because our rates and quality customer service help them expand their customer reach through competitive toll free services, as well as maintain relationships with existing customers.  All of our customers benefit from low rates, and save tremendously when compared to what they used to pay with AT&T, MCI, Sprint and other international carriers.

NACI understands customer expectations and, ultimately, the importance of delivering the best customer experience and service.  We work hard to be accountable, assuring our actions worldwide are consistent and supportive of these values and beliefs.  We are committed to leading in the global markets we serve. 

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Offering best discount USA long distance and international phone services: international callback service providers, 
US, Canada & international toll free numbers, toll free voicemail, and global travel phone cards.

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