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Asian Local Numbers: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand Local virtual numbers


Call My Asian Number


Now anyone can contact you anywhere in the world by calling your Asian phone number. Any calls to this phone number will be instantly transferred to you through our domestic and international call forwarding system.

If so, CallMyAsianNumber is your solution.

CallMyAsianNumber allows you to own a unique Asian phone number (a virtual phone number in Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Israel) that will forward your calls to you anywhere in any country at deeply discounted international rates. This number can also forward calls to your existing toll-free number, a toll-free PBX system, a cell phone or a fax machine.


CLICK HERE to view rates

(click the country, then View Availability to find the country to which you want your calls forwarded and the rate)


All local numbers can be forwarded to any number in the world. Please check call forwarding rates. A new window will be opened.

To check the rates, please first select the country, such as China to mean you are interested in China local numbers. Then click on "View Rates" and you'll see the rates of call forwarding from China to the countries listed by alphabetic letters.

For example, the forwarding rate from China (local number) to Australia is $0.075 per minute.

The following listed rates in table is only for reference. Current rates should be found by clicking on call forwarding rates table.


New local numbers available from these cities. No monthly, no setup charge.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xi'an, and Shenzhen.


Hong Kong, China




Korea (South)

New local numbers are available from Seoul. No monthly, no setup charge.





New local numbers are available from Kuala lumpur. No monthly, no setup charge.


New Zealand





New local numbers are available from Singapore. No monthly, no setup charge.



New local numbers are available from Bangkok and Chang Mai. No monthly, no setup charge.






What's New?


We are now offering European local numbers, Asian local numbers (including Australia) and South American local numbers.  They numbers can forward calls to their original countries and any number in the world.



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