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NACI TrueFlat
  Plan A: 1-800 Follow Me 
Flat-rate toll free service through traditional fiber optic telephone line

IF YOU ARE IN THE USA or CANADA: One toll-free number works in both countries.

4.5 cents USA toll freeCheap low rates of US$4.5 cents/minute within the continental U.S., US$6.5 cents within Canada and between the U.S. and Canada. There is NO hidden "double-leg" price like some other toll-free vendors charge. There is NO minimum to spend. You can monitor call details and pricing with our powerful and easy-to-use Customer Account Management Center, so you always know what you are paying. See more at our domestic rate table

No setup fee and you get one full month free for up to three toll free numbers. Voicemail Box is optional at $4.99/month (10 messages capacity) and you can try 30 days for FREE. See more details here. If toll free voicemail is the only thing you want, you can set this plan to be voicemail only for just $4.95/month. With this feature, called "forced voicemail," all calls go to your voicemail without you answering the calls.


International users, use this plan to have U.S. and Canadian toll free calls ring to any phone in your country. This is called international call forwarding, and is a great way to expand your sales in the United States and Canada.  It will be convenient for potential customers to call toll free instead of dialing an international number, which is discouraging for many.  With a toll free number on your web site, your customers won'tt even care what part of the world you are in and they'll just pick up the phone and call. For example, if you run a business in England and you establish a U.S./Canada toll free number, say 1-800-UK-HOTEL or 1-888-OK-ITALY, customers in the US or Canada can call this toll free number, and you may receive calls at an office or cell phone in London. See more details here.

There is no double-leg charge to forward toll free calls from USA to other countries. For example, it is only 6.26 cents/min to connect a call to Australia and it is still 4.5 cents to England.

free voicemail systemSign up now and get up to 3 toll-free numbers free of charge. You don't have to pay a cent in service monthly fee of $2! 

free vanity number (Try free voicemail for 30 days -- 1-800 Follow Me only)

  Find out more toll-free features of 1-800 Follow Me . . . 

TIP: Do you know you can get your own 800 number and list on your business card today?

Going through our order procedure, you'll be prompted to select a number out of our existing number pool containing over 1,000 numbers we have reserved. You pick the one that sounds best to you and grab it. It'll be your number!


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1-800 Follow Me

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Call Centers.
Our intelligent routing technology enables call centers to manage all incoming calls with real time data.
Small business and home offices.
Enjoy one simple number that you can setup with multiple ring-to numbers. Create a virtual office with features like enhanced voice mail and much more.
International business. Businesses all over the world can gain a strong North American presence with toll free numbers that ring anywhere in the world.
Personal use.
Allow family and friends to contact you any time anywhere with one toll free number. Excellent as a back up in case of emergencies.

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We support vanity numbers!




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